The Mingle’s 2021 Fall Fundraisers

WANT TO WIN A GLOCK, A RARE PURPLE ENIGMA, A CONCEALED CARRY PURSE OR EXCESSORIES? CLICK HERE to The Mingle’s 2021 Fall Fundraiser catalog and purchased tickets!

What are the two 2021 Fall Fundraisers? This year we decided to do something a little different in 2021 due to COVID, lack of ammo and limited traveling. As always, the proceeds from these two fundraisers will be split between Racheal’s Rest and The Mingle 2022.

On October 6th, 2021 we opened up 2 (two) GIVEAWAYS!

  1. GLOCK GIVEAWAY: GLOCK has donated a Pistol Donation Letter (PDL) to The Mingle for the 5th year in a row! The sole propose of this wonderful donation is for us to auction it off so the proceeds benefit our 2 projects of Racheal’s Rest and The Mingle.
  2. CONCEALED CARRY ITEM GIVEAWAY: We have received lots of cool items including Concealed Carry Purses, PURPLE Enigma, EDC Belts and MORE!

What is The Mingle? “The Mingle” is an INVITE ONLY VIP event for women in the firearms/self defense industry. This is a 2 day event with sponsors, guest speaker, door prizes, catered lunches, special block on Saturday shooting HKs, a full day on the range Sunday with “blocks” of firearms training with top tier instructors at our range in Dahlonega, GA!  There are only 50 spots available on Saturday and 32 spots available on Sunday so we use the “first come first serve” system. “The Mingle” 2021 was held in North Metro Atlanta, GA on May 22nd and May 23rd, 2021.

We lend a hand in helping women in the firearms industry gain knowledge and meet MORE ladies in the biz. What a fantastic opportunity to be able to “pick the brains” of the ones that paved the path before us and meet ladies who offer NEW ideas. The relationships we build here can strengthen our business, help reach personal goals PLUS the knowledge bombs received can be passed onto others. NEVER STOP BEING A STUDENT….no matter what level of experience you have. NEVER STOP BEING A TEACHER….no matter what your job title is.

With the help of sponsors, The Complete Combatant will offer a place for women to meet “like minded” ladies. Instructors can continue their education and build relationships to support business, networking to expand contacts and to explore our own personal growth in business, tactics, self-defense, marksmanship, professions & MORE! These special ladies are all patriots that will influence, support, and fight for self defense rights!

If you are a professional lady in the firearms/self defense industry then YOU ARE INVITED to attend our event. Just CLICK HERE to get details on The Mingle and how to be added to the event’s VIP invite ONLY list. Please make note that I open event registration on January 5th of each year and we usually sell out QUICK so don’t hesitate. 

What is Racheal’s Rest? We are super excited to to support our featured charity, Racheal’s Rest for the 5th year in a row! Racheal’s Rest, is a 5 day restorative retreat program that is designed to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of survivors. We exist to help women and children who experienced sexual abuse or acts of violence regain their balance in life.

Dr. Karen McDonald has been working closely with Broken Chains International for several years and we are a GREAT FIT! We are so happy to announce that that Racheal’s Rest has merged with Broken Chains International. BCI is now sponsoring our Racheal’s Rest retreats.

CLICK HERE to The Mingle’s 2021 Fall Fundraiser catalog and purchased tickets!

Active Self Protection’s National Conference Sept. 2022

“There is but one solution to the intricate riddle of life; to improve ourselves and contribute to the happiness of others.”

― Mary Shelley

I have just returned from my 5th conference of the year, The Active Self Protection‘s National Conference aka Bullets and Bibles. Just like the name, this conference one is unique on many levels:

1- We host two events, The Mingle and The Quest. This allows me some insight into what it takes to organize and run such an event. Arranging sponsors, getting swag, setting up instructors, organizing support staff, and registers clients are the lead-up activities that take 4-6 months to manage. John Correia, Stephanie, and Neal Wiendner do this while donating all proceeds to the Flint Hills Foster Teen Camp. An incredible act of generosity and service.

2- As a traveling instructor, I have a great deal of insight into what it takes to teach at a conference. We only have so many weekends to train because of the weather and holidays. Every instructor donated three days of their prime schedule to teach, and some did not charge travel expenses. In every class, the instructors jumped in to be assistants to the primary instructor. We shared our knowledge and our craft. Many of us donated courses and merchandise to the Paul Carlson impromptu auction.

3- The support staff was fantastic. Setting up, providing medical coverage, delivering water, shuttling equipment, and generally being the oil that kept this event running. There was a bulletin issued about my water intake, so they kept me well hydrated and fed. The phrase from “A letter to Garcia,” “to cheerfully catch hold and lift” was what I witnessed from all of them. Too many folks to name, but hopefully, they received many thanks.

4- The attendees are a unique group because they are not the usual training junkies. New shooters that are interested in personal protection and trust the ASP brand. They are the kindest and most generous group I have had the pleasure to train with and teach. All of the fees go to kids in need, but if that is not enough, the raffles and impromptu auctions raised even more money. Items sold for 3-4 times their value and more. It is the highlight of the weekend watching the spirit of generosity move people to save kids from being homeless.

5- Of course, confirmed winners are the kids. Attending a camp helps keep them from being homeless as they age out of the foster care system. Mike and Lisa do fantastic work with grace and love, and now these kids can rest assured that a community cares about them and wants to succeed and thrive despite the adversity they face.

Again, here is the link to this special place. Please consider adding Flint Hills Foster Teen Camps to your list of yearly donations. I hope that the spirit and generosity of this weekend revisits them over and over throughout the year.

Craig Douglas = A teacher that has 3 areas of skill

In August 2021 I attended a class called Extreme Close Quarter Concepts (ECQC) by Craig Douglas of ShivWorks.

I am remiss in writing this review sooner. Sickness, legal battles, and travel has all intervened but I really wanted to put a few thoughts about Craig, a master teacher, to “paper”.

The ShivWorks Extreme Close Quarter Concepts (ECQC) course is a two-and-a-half-day (20-hour) block of instruction that offers a multi-disciplinary approach to building functional, combative handgun skills at zero to five feet. The course is designed to instill core concepts of seamless integration and provide the platform for aggressive problem solving during a life or death struggle at arm’s length or closer. We emphasize the common body mechanics that apply across different skill sets. That way, all combative software is reinforcing. Once students’ skill sets are ingrained, they will be stress inoculated with force-on-force drills using marking cartridges and protective equipment”. ShivWorks

I think teachers have 3 areas of skill, mastery of subject matter, being an engaging speaker/wordsmith, and relating to and understand people. Most good teachers have one area where they excel, great teachers have strong grasp of two, but the master level teachers do all three well.

Craig Douglas is such a teacher. A comprehensive grasp of the technical skills, a engaging speaker with a wonderfully expressive vocabulary, and the EQ to manage all types of people.

I learned a great deal in this class in the application of entangled fighting and weapon use, but especially in his management of the firing line with close quarters shooting skills which is a needed and difficult area of training.

I am humbled and grateful to be able to train with Craig, and I highly recommend his course work.

On side note, I wore my Enigma holster which conceals and performs exceptionally! I think I need a new shirt! Thanks Phlster.

Brian Hill

GIVEAWAY! Smart Choices April 2021 BLOG with Julie Golob

As a homeschooling mom, I LOVE that Smart Choices come in a card format!  

We are a distracted society. It has never been easier or faster to communicate, and with that comes the constant pull for our attention. What used to be common sense, learned through everyday experiences, is lost unless it receives specific attention. I am constantly looking for ways to teach my daughters to be cognizant around them. What a useful tool for teaching children about situational awareness. Learn more about Smart Choices at

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The PHLster Enigma, a BIG WIN!

Hi all, this is Shelley Hill and in November of 2020 I saw the Enigma REVEAL Live Event. I was intrigued so I contacted Jon Hauptman of PHLster to ask a few questions. Jon was very happy to talk to me and a week later an Enigma showed up on my doorstep…NO STRINGS ATTACHED. He just wanted my opinion and I am freely giving it.

My SIG P365XL with Romeo Zero Red Dot, 2 Dark Star Gear “Hitchhiker” Holsters and 1 Enigma

Let’s start with the name. The definition of enigma is something puzzling, baffling, mysterious or perplexing. PHLster truly chose the BEST name. The Enigma is NOT a holster. It is NOT a belly-band. I called it a concealment belt until I saw on their website that they call it an ultra-low-profile concealment system. BINGO! That is EXACTLY what it is…a system.

After I received my Enigma I watched 2 videos that PHLster provided via YouTube.

First I watched the entire EAI video. When it was over I was a bit stressed that I would have a hard time putting the system together so I did something that has served me well in the past, photos and “stop and go” learning.

Before I took my 1st Dark Star Gear holster apart, I took photos of it intact. I then took photos during the whole “breakdown” process so I would know how to put it back together so I could switch back and forth from the holster with clip to the Enigma. I also put the hardware in a labeled bag.

Next, I set up my “work area” EXACTLY like Jon did in the video so I could follow along. Once my “copy cat” area was in place I started the video. I would pause after each set of instructions, do it, play it again to confirm, and then move to the next set of directions. I did NOT pull my hair out, nor did I grow old or start day-drinking so I considered that a BIG WIN!

Now, it was time to watch the EAG video to make all the little customized adjustments. I went through this in a similar fashion and I am glad I did because the Enigma can be adjusted in many ways so the fit is perfect. It took me a few adjustments through the “breaking in process” and it was WELL WORTH IT so do not skip this part!!! I admit that the “leg leash” freaked me out a bit but once again, PHLster rose to the occasion because once adjusted properly, I could not even tell it was there.

I committed to wearing my Enigma as my EDC (Everyday Carry) 100% of the time for a month. The first week of my 1 month commitment I knew that I wanted this system as a part of my daily carry options so I ordered another holster from Dark Star Gear. It arrived a week later and I got it set up for my EDC in 5 minutes.

I wore the Enigma under scrubs during 8-10 hour shifts. I wore it driving in my car 10 hours each way to visit my family around the holidays. I wore it while working at my desk for 8 hours at a time. I wore it with casual elastic pants and I even wore it with jeans just to see how it worked. It passed the “accessibility, concealment, comfort and easy to put on and take off” test. I have sensitive skin so I wore a camisole under my shirt to protect my skin from irritation. This is also the technique I use on the range when training or instructing.

Now it was time for some work presenting from the “holster” with some timed draws. I have not tested this with live fire but I have worked on timed draws at 5 yards, from concealment, to first trigger press during dry practice. I set the par time at 2 seconds and worked my way down to a sub second draw. I was consistent drawing to first shot from this new system at 1.4 – 1.6 seconds but I must not tell a lie, the wheels completely fell off at 1 second. An absolute crash and burn! LOL! That was not the Enigma’s fault….that was ALL ME because I am also working with a new smaller pistol.

This wonderful creation has opened the door to new wardrobe options, not just for women but for men as well. It is concealable, easy to access, comfortable, and affordable. No more excuses…..wear your gun!

Shelley Hill

The Complete Combatant

Image Based Decisional Drills

Smart Choices Image Cards (ages 4-13)