Opportunity Knocks

Most of us are comfortable among our own group or tribe. I have spent my life surrounded by warriors. I feel at home in this environment. I understand the rules that govern the gym, ring, or range, and more importantly I understand the people that inhabit these environments. I dress appropriately, I speak the language, and I have the necessary skills and tools. The need to train and improve ourselves is constant, and so is the sharing of common goals. Coaching this “familiar” group is easier for me, like preaching to the choir. But what happens when your entire class of clients come from a totally different profession and lifestyle? What if a gun is not an option because of attire or international travel?


In a recent class, I taught a group of executives that travel internationally and work in a corporate environment, limiting their defensive options. Claude Werner recently wrote an article titled “Dear Instructors get a real job”.  I found great value in this article and I think it pertains to this blog. Please read it!

What a thought provoking challenge of trying to wear my every day carry (when prohibited) in a retail job without getting fired. As usual, the universe provided the needed opportunity, a chance to work with a group of executives facing the same challenges.

The class was 4 parts, Proactive Mindset, self defense law, dry fire and live fire, and Close Quarter Decisions. Proactive Mindset and Close Quarter Decisions became the focal point of the training, since a firearm was not always an option for this class of CEOs.

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You win 100% of the fights you avoid, especially if you cannot carry a firearm. Our skills, tactics, strategies, have to overlap, and cannot be dependent on one tool. Self protection is always more than whatever weapons/tools you carry. Developing concentric rings of warning and protection is the goal. Examining our lifestyle for weaknesses and openings, and developing a plan. Our mission is always to stay out of danger, and sometimes we can select the proper tools for the environment, and sometimes we have to access whatever is available from our surroundings.


Difficult situations provide opportunities for growth. Legal restrictions, age, injury, and misfortune may happen to all of us, diminishing or restricting our capabilities. How we adapt to the situation give us the greatest chance for success.

Everyone found great value in the training, and more importantly they have asked us to run a private class for their significant others. This will be a great chance to introduce a new group of clients to the world of self protection.

We are all ambassadors, and we must seize every opportunity to open the doors to self reliance that is both flexible and adaptive.

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