Jacks & Saps with Larry Lindenman

Why do you need a sap or blackjack?

  • If they are legal in your state, these useful weapons are a great addition to your self-defense options.
  • Saps and blackjacks are a versatile weapon, targeting muscle and/or bone to stop an assailant in their tracks.
  • Larry believes that the impact weapon is a fight stopper, and I concur.
  • Modern tactical doctrine often recommends carrying a knife as a secondary weapon, however some people are hesitant to carry a knife for personal protection. As a practitioner of edged weapons, I know that it takes a certain type of personality to wield the blade, which may not be a good fit for every person. An aversion to edged weapons should not leave you defenseless so an impact weapon may be a good secondary tool.
  • With practice, the sap is easy to carry and easy to deploy. These 2 points alone should be enough to consider adding this to your EDC.

On August 18th & 19th, 2018 The Complete Combatant hosted Jacks & Saps with Larry Lindenman of Point Driven Training and the Shivworks Collective. Larry’s Jacks & Saps class came highly recommended by Claude Werner, the Tactical Professor . When Claude said “you should consider hosting Jacks & Saps”, we said “YES SIR”, and called Larry the next day.

As we soon found out, this type of training was very sought after and well received. We had originally scheduled Larry’s one day Jacks & Saps course on Saturday, August 18th but that SOLD OUT in just a couple of months. There is a resurgence of interest in this style of impact weapon, so much so that we added another class on Sunday, August 19th so more training opportunities were available.

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I always appreciate any class that starts with a historical overview of the subject at hand and Larry did just that. Saps and blackjacks have had a unique place in history, and have been highly effective tools, especially in law enforcement. I feel that knowing the history gives me the development process of the weapon/tool and the context in which it was applied.  Larry also displayed several different jacks & saps which opened the discussion of the relative benefits and weakness of different types of impact weapons/tools. Having all of these jacks & saps available to handle, compare and ask questions about allowed the students to make a better, and more educated choice on one that may be most suitable for their purpose. The format and progression of this class was well structured and informative, with pressure testing of each module.

I think that Claude Werner, Greg Ellifritz and Chris Sanchez all wrote excellent AAR’s so take a look at these for detailed accounts of Jacks & Saps.

Jacks & Saps AND Timing – Part 1 by Claude Werner, The Tactical Professor

Point-Driven Training Saps & Jacks Class by Greg Ellifritz of Active Response Training

AAR of Saps & Jacks by Christopher Sanchez

Larry used trainers made out of flip-flops and tape, allowing everyone to train in a live manner with resistance. The hallmark of a great instructor is to explain, demonstrate, drill, and then test each module of instruction. This is of great importance because it allows the students to solidify their understanding of the curriculum, and gain proficiency in the long-term. During the participant’s “end of class evolution” I saw a few “timing issues”, where students reached for the sap a little to soon, but ultimately I saw few problems deploying the weapon and people were accomplishing the task at hand…..to effectively defend yourself. These individual “evolutions” proved that jacks & saps can be a good choice for people of all ages, sizes and levels of self-defense commitments.

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Between Larry, Claude, and Greg, there was a tremendous amount of knowledge and experience, which enhanced an already excellent training experience. Claude Werner shared a great idea for a cheap holster design to keep the weapon oriented for quick deployment, greatly increasing the efficiency of the presentation. It is always great to see well-known trainers working together to improve their skills and knowledge.

Claude Werner explains the background of his “Sap Holster”

I’m certian that most people will find jacks and/or saps a good fit for their everyday carry. Taking Larry’s Jacks & Saps class and practicing on your own would prepare most people to use the sap in a proficient manner.

I enjoyed this class as a student, and it was a pleasure to host such an excellent instructor. If you get a chance to train with Larry, please do so, I highly recommend it.