In a nut shell…REFER & ATTEND Tiffany Johnson’s NRA Women on Target clinic!

Hi all. I just wanted to share a few things about my weekend spent with Tiffany Johnson of Front Sight Press, Aqil Qadir and their NRA Women on Target clinic.

On Friday, October 12th I drove about 3 hours to Murfreesboro, TN, which is just outside of Nashville, and joined Tiffany and Aqil for an awesome steak dinner and even better conversation.

On Saturday morning I attended their NRA Women on Target clinic held at Aqil’s facility called Citizens Safety Academy. This was a great place, easy to find, plenty of parking and you can tell they take extra time to set up the classroom specific to the course being taught that day. Tiffany lined up extraordinary assistant instructors (AIs) Aqil Qadir, Marvin Smartt and Sherman House to assist her for the day. This was a SOLD OUT class with a total of 10 ladies. If my memory serves me right, I believe there were 6-7 ladies in this class that had never fired a shot….ZERO firearm knowledge. It was a mixture of all ages and levels but everyone had one thing in common…..TO LEARN!


I will skip a “step by step” play of the day so I have plenty of time to hit the highlights. I feel these photos speak for themselves of Tiffany’s attention to detail, stellar presentation and successful day!

43950371_357191998353048_2785847265724465152_n  43950776_183628285862784_3810578062563606528_n

Tiffany left NOTHING out of her classroom presentation. The PowerPoint was a mixture of stunning images, movement and information. It was modern, easy to follow and she was outstanding on her delivery and answering questions. She went over everything that was required of her by the NRA and MORE! Remember that this was a FIRST experience with firearms for over half the class and many were apprehensive and even a bit scared. Tiffany was able to put their minds at ease through the depth of her knowledge and her own confidence, mixed with a bit of humor. This is a sign of an outstanding teacher.


The drive to the range was beautiful and upon arrival you could tell their attention to detail was not overlooked in the firearm’s portion either. They had a table for each student and the AIs worked like well oiled machines putting up targets, they went over the medial plan, safety rules and expectations were re-visited. Once again, the experience of this team was impressive to say the least.


We started our range experience with dry practicing the fundamentals (including loading mags, seating, chambering, etc) and some “one on one” time with an instructor. This not only helped the ladies with grip, trigger, sights and follow through BUT it helped them understand range verbiage, safety expectations and to trust what they are learning. All the while the coaches were watching and making mental notes on all the important details including how to help each student best. We shot everything from 3 yards, everyone followed directions and everyone learned much.

44025050_320947898461354_8003779394134867968_n  43826575_2122880571095861_3116619507691421696_n

Tiffany concluded the day with some awesome closing statements, thanking her AIs and students for spending their day in the beautiful TN mountains and solid recommendations to continue training/practicing.  They handed out Certificates of Completion and awarded 2 students the honors of the Top Shot Award and the Conqueror Award, which brought many smiles and hugs from classmates.

44062898_488679888295074_8527533574797131776_n    43950713_249801819035104_6390657113038782464_n

It was a fantastic day and I cannot recommend this team of coaches enough. Oh, one more thing to add before I publish this, I paid for this class. Tiffany had no idea that I was going to participate until the registration came through. I went because I wanted to. I wrote this because I wanted to. It was an outstanding clinic and more people need to know about it. Enough said except…in a nut shell…REFER & ATTEND Tiffany Johnson’s NRA Women on Target class!

Shelley Hill



4 thoughts on “In a nut shell…REFER & ATTEND Tiffany Johnson’s NRA Women on Target clinic!”

    1. No Sherman, THANK YOU! It was a terrific day and I am glad I got to see you. Looking forward to HOSTING your medical training class in 2019. I will get with you soon about potential dates. Have a great day, Shelley

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