Freedom seeds

Sometimes I jokingly refer to shooting bullets as planting freedom seeds, but how do we plant the seeds of freedom? Maybe it can be through offering beginner level shooters THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON….THEIR FIRST.

I designed The Complete Combatant’s live fire classes to “build upon” each other starting with Pistol Essentials and then moving onto Beyond Pistol Essentials for the intermediate to advanced level shooters.

47296390_396609047748072_7530956468971896832_nDecades of professional teaching can make it is easy to lose the connection to how a beginner thinks and feels and teaching our newest class called Entry Level Pistol Essentials was a unique change of pace. Taking a group of inexperienced shooters through terminology, safety, medical, and fundamentals for their first time was a gratifying, and enlightening experience.

47325043_1977957022291959_4376841076447641600_nIt is quite easy to forget how nervous you feel as a beginner before you shoot, the mystifying terminology that is the language of firearms, and the demanding nature of marksmanship. Shelley and I watched these new shooters courageously tackle each lesson, one step at a time, celebrating their successes.

47326447_1988462081454692_7305599874253193216_nWe taught the lesson I wish I had received when I started shooting, that the fundamentals are the path to shooting well, moreover, you can understand them, and in addition you can correct your technique as you practice. Self empowerment through learning should be the focus of every teacher, furthermore that we are a team solely focused on your progress.

47352524_517032162144245_643249448395839898876_nWe must encourage the new shooter to grow our ranks, in both the shooting sports and personal protection, planting new seeds of freedom for the second amendment. Make your new year’s resolution to take someone shooting for the first time and make it the lesson we all wish we had when we started shooting.