“The Mingle” 2019 by Shelley Hill (Part 1)

“The first thing I would like to do is THANK a friend, Cheryl Todd of Gun Freedom Radio for inviting me to SHOT SHOW‘s 2nd Annual Women’s Meet & Mingle in 2017! This left a favorable impression on me. On the flight home that year Brian and I started brainstorming and BAM, The Complete Combatant’s first “Mingle” was held in North Metro Atlanta in May 2017!

With the help of sponsors we lend a hand in helping women in the firearms industry gain knowledge through continuing education and meet MORE ladies in the biz.  What a fantastic opportunity to be able to “pick the brains” of the ones that paved the path before us and meet ladies who offer NEW ideas. The Complete Combatant offers a place for women to meet “like-minded” ladies and build relationships to support business, networking to expand contacts and to explore our own personal growth in business, tactics, self-defense, marksmanship, professions & MORE! These special ladies are all patriots that will influence, support, and fight for self-defense rights!

I am happy to say that on May 18th & 19th, 2019 we will be hosting our 3rd annual SPONSORED “The Mingle” 2019 for ladies in the firearms industry. We invite ladies (local or otherwise) that work in the firearms industry, biz owners (managers and team members), club presidents and board members, professional shooters, shooting instructors, ladies of influence in all aspects of the self defense/martial arts, and in the biz professionals that are 2nd Amendment political supporters.  Please make note that “ladies of influence in all aspects of the self defense” has a very large range…IDPA? USPSA? GADPA? NRA? GCO? OTHER WAYS YOU SUPPORT? LET ME KNOW!


This year is the most AWESOME year so far because we have grown from a 1 day gathering to a weekend event!

Saturday, May 18th, 2019 12-4pm Day 1:

Sunday, May 19th, 2019 9-6pm Day 2:

  • Located in Dahlonega, GA on our range (private property)
  • $150 per person – firearms instructors and experienced shooters only (experienced shooters = embraces the 4 lifestyle safety rules, has taken a professional live fire class and is familiar with expectations on the line). 
  • 24 student limit
  • This day on the range is sponsored by HK USA and that means GIFTS and GIVEAWAYS…like ammo, SWAG and a VP9 or VP9sk!
  • We have three 2 hour blocks of instruction from three different TOP NOTCH  instructors!

Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant – Developing the Concealed Draw:
Being able to present the pistol in personal protection is the crucial skill for the armed citizen. Developing a repeatable, efficient, and accurate draw stroke will be the focus of this block of instruction. How distance and target size change the arc of readiness during a self defense encounter. A holster will be required in class as a portion of this block will be dry practice and the rest will be drawing from the holster.

Lynn Givens of RangemasterTriggers & Timing:
The objective will be to learn how to use proper timing, as part of trigger control, in order to get good, solid hits in a timely manner. Only hits to a fairly small portion of the human torso will reliably result in rapid incapacitation. This fact, coupled with the fact that stress will increase the size of your shot group, means that we need to learn to hit a fairly small area without the luxury of extended time frames. To accomplish this, we will work on several drills designed to help you find the balance between hurrying up and getting good hits, which is mostly a matter of proper trigger manipulation. A holster will be required to secure the pistol during the class but in order to concentrate on triggers and timing, all firing will be done from The Ready.

Claude Werner aka The Tactical ProfessorClose Range Precision Marksmanship:
The requirement to deliver an accurate shot on a small target at conversational distance occurs regularly in Personal Protection incidents. This class will equip clients with the requisite skills and practice tasks that will allow them to feel confidence in their abilities to perform at the level required for such an incident. A holster will be required to secure the pistol during the class but the class will not require drawing from the holster.


We are getting close to full but if YOU are a lady in the firearms industry and would like to attend this event then all you have to do is REQUEST AN INVITE. I will receive it, confirm your position/participation in the community and send you an Eventbrite invite with password to register.

ASKING FOR ASSISTANCE! We need loot for our ladies SWAG bags. This is a fun way to help! SWAG can be anything that is cool, new, needed or fun! There is no way to estimate how many guests we will have but our May 2018 event was MAXED OUT at 65 ladies so for our May 2019 event we are asking for 75 items from each donator.  Sponsorship Opportunities – DEADLINE IS APRIL 1ST, 2019

Special THANK YOU to all of you “movers and shakers” for the fantastic media coverage throughout the years. I believe RECOIL is attending this year! EXCITED! 

Stay tuned for Part 2: The Nationwide Training GIVEAWAY, Part 3: About Our Sponsors and Part 4: Our Guest Speaker and Instructors


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