“The Mingle” 2019: The Nationwide Training Giveaway by Shelley Hill (Part 2)

VP Poster2019“The Mingle” is a weekend event held in North Metro Atlanta in May of each year. With the help of sponsors we lend a hand in helping women in the firearms industry gain knowledge through continuing education and meet MORE ladies in the biz.  What a fantastic opportunity to be able to “pick the brains” of the ones that paved the path before us and meet ladies who offer NEW ideas. The Complete Combatant offers a place for women to meet “like-minded” ladies and build relationships to support business, networking to expand contacts and to explore our own personal growth in business, tactics, self-defense, marksmanship, professions & MORE! These special ladies are all patriots that will influence, support, and fight for self-defense rights.

Brian and I not only wanted to offer a weekend of “knowledge and networking” to our guests but we also wanted to introduce our self-defense community to Racheal’s Rest and through the help of smart friends the Nationwide Training Giveaway was born!

I am one of the founders and Marketing Manager of Racheal’s Rest, and Brian Hill is a past Board Member. Racheal’s Rest is a nonprofit organization that offers private counseling, workshops and five-day restorative retreat programs designed to address the physical, emotional and spiritual needs of survivors. They exist to help women and children who experienced sexual abuse or acts of violence regain their balance in life.


In 2018 we reached out to friends and top trainers in the firearms/self-defense industry and asked if they would donate a “spot” in their classes for us to raffle off for the SOLE purpose of proceeds benefiting the next years “Mingle” and Racheal’s Rest. Guess what, EVERYONE jumped at the chance to support both The Mingle and Racheal’s Rest.

We raised just under $6000 last year so OBVIOUSLY we are doing it again during The Mingle 2019!!!! This year’s Nationwide Training Giveaway’s tickets go on sale March 1st, 2019 at 9am.

  • We are selling GIVEAWAY tickets at $25 EACH TICKET with the exception of Massad Ayoob Group’s MAG-40 and Lone Star Medics which are $50 EACH TICKET
  • This raffle is licensed and approved by Cobb County (hard copy on file at your request)
  • You may buy multiple tickets for multiple classes and only pay one time. Via email, you will receive a confirmation of your purchases to keep for your records.
  • The winner will most likely receive a COPY of their Gift Certificate via email or Facebook messenger. I will let you know IF ANYTHING DIFFERS
  • The winner will need to present the Gift Certificate (copy is fine) and contact the trainer DIRECT to redeem their class
  • The winner may choose to train at ANY LOCATION that the class is offered across the US (a few acceptations apply so read the course description)
  • If you win a class, that is taught at the sponsor’s location, then there is no additional charge
  • If you win a class, and choose to attend a location that is being HOSTED, there may be a small “out-of-pocket” fee to be paid to the host
  • Gift Certificates are ONLY valid with the courses that each trainer teaches and has personally donated. The Gift Certificates cannot be used for classes taught by any guest instructors or multiple instructors WITHOUT PERMISSION FROM THE TRAINER THAT DONATED THE ITEM
  • There is NO ticket purchase limit so GO FOR IT!
  • The winners will be drawn by Shelley Hill on May 17th, 2019
  • You DO NOT have to be present to win
  • We will make a VIDEO of drawing some of the winners and post on The Complete Combatant’s YouTube channel
  • WINNERS will be notified BY May 21st, 2019 via email or Facebook
  • Each trainer has their own set of rules and restrictions that will apply
  • I will announce winners on social media but will not give winner’s full name….just a CONGRATS POST!
  • Each trainer has an EXPIRATION DATE option. You will see this in their class description. IF THERE IS NOTHING LISTED then assume the winner’s attendance opportunity expires on May 18th, 2020 (1 year). That means you MUST use it or lose it!
  • TRANSFERABLE: You MAY give the winning Gift Certificate as a gift to someone else but all rules still apply.

The Complete Combatant would like to THANK the instructors and professionals that  donated an item for us to raffle off in 2018 and again in 2019 !

First Person Safety     Dodd & Associates

Rangemaster’s Tac Con     KR Training

Agile Training & Consulting     Lone Star Medics

Modern Samurai Project    Fusion MMA

The Complete Combatant     Active Self Protection

Point Driven Training     William Aprill     Beth Alcazar

Massad Ayoob Group     Citizens Safety Academy

Sharp Defense     Hirt’s Training Solutions

Armed Legal Citizens’ Defense Network    Immediate Action Combatives

Keepers Concealment     TDR Training      Civilian Defender

The TOP Giveaway ticket seller will receive this awesome BRAGGING RIGHTS! award! The winner can display it proudly for roughly 12 months, until the end of the next year’s giveaway. If they are the TOP raffle ticket seller again, then they get to keep it for another year. If they are NOT the TOP giveaway ticket seller again, then they are in charge of mailing it immediately to the NEW winner with a personal letter admitting defeat, the better person won, they must relinquish the coveted BRAGGING RIGHTS! award to the more successful professional and of course CONGRATULATIONS are in order!! HEEEE!

Bragging Rights! 2018      33144254_1859745464057662_6192798883223961600_n

That means in order to support your favorite instructor you need to buy tickets and spread the word so they sell the most tickets! If they win, they will have earned the BRAGGING RIGHTS! award and can sleep with it each night on their bed stand from May 2019-May 2020!

2018 Nationwide Training Online Raffle Announcements: CLICK HERE for Instructor Bragging Rights WINNER and Giveaway WINNERS!

And the Bragging Rights! 2018 WINNER is (CLICK HERE)….Rangemaster Tac Con 2019! Here is Lynn filming Tom opening up his BRAGGING RIGHTS award. THANK YOU Rangemaster!

I am so happy to announce that Tom and Lynn have given an extra special gift…a FREE Tac Con 2020 ticket! If you are a Tac Con 2019 participant and you BUY the MOST Nationwide Training Giveaway tickets while at Tac Con then YOU WILL WIN a FREE spot at Tac Con 2020!

Special THANK YOU to all of you “movers and shakers” for the fantastic media coverage throughout the years. I believe RECOIL is attending this year’s “The Mingle”. If anyone would like to cover The Mingle or the Nationwide Training Giveaway via BLOG, article, podcast, radio, etc. it would be greatly appreciated. This years guests are Lee Weems of First Person Safety, Lynn Givens of Rangemaster, Claude Werner The Tactical Professor and Brian Hill of The Complete Combatant. Each trainer will be happy to do an interview with ya. The more people who know about this annual event, the more people training!

See Part 1: The Mingle 2019. Stay tuned for Part 3: About Our Sponsors and Part 4: Our Guest Speaker and Instructors.

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