“The Mingle” 2019: Our Sponsors by Shelley Hill (Part 3)

Since this is Part 3 of “The Mingle” 2019 BLOGS you probably already know what “The Mingle” is all about but what the heck, you may have just tuned in soooo…..

“The Mingle” is a weekend event held in North Metro Atlanta in May of each year. With the help of sponsors we lend a hand in helping women in the firearms industry gain knowledge through continuing education and meet MORE ladies in the biz.  What a fantastic opportunity to be able to “pick the brains” of the ones that paved the path before us and meet ladies who offer NEW ideas. The Complete Combatant offers a place for women to meet “like-minded” ladies and build relationships to support business, networking to expand contacts and to explore our own personal growth in business, tactics, self-defense, marksmanship, professions & MORE! These special ladies are all patriots that will influence, support, and fight for self-defense rights.

I know it may be a bit odd to dedicate a whole BLOG to our 2019 event sponsors but we would not have such a successful event without them. This page is dedicated to all of the wonderful individuals and companies that sponsor us and think “The Mingle” is a unique and worthwhile event. WE THANK YOU!

John Correia of Active Self Protection, Erin and Bill Dermody of HK

I would like to start off with thanking Heckler & Koch. HK is our offical “Day 2 On the Range” sponsor. I first met HK’s Director of Marketing, Bill Dermody and his daughter, Erin at The Complete Combatant in July of 2018. They were both students in John Correia’s (Active Self Protection) 3 hour seminar called Lesson’s Learned from Watching 12,000 Gunfights and also students in our 2 day Force Readiness course. John said we would love Bill and he was right! We instantly hit it off! Bill DOES THE WORK! He loves to train in several forms of self defense….with and without a gun. He is down to earth, has a great sense of humor and is very generous with his time and professional support. Bill not only said “they are proud to support The Mingle” but he also invited is PR Manager, Angela Harrell to join us for the weekend. On Saturday, Angela will enjoy our guest speaker Lee Weems of First Person Safety, networking, food, wine, door prizes and SWAG bags. On Sunday, Angela will bring special HK loot to our 24 shooters, bags of ammo and have a VP9 and a VP9SK available for everyone to sample BEFORE we even start our official training day. Angela will be hanging out and making sure that all who want to train with a VP9 or VP9SK that day have the chance but don’t think for one second that she is going to just sit back and let everyone else have all the fun!! She will be watching Brian Hill (The Complete Combatant) and Claude Werner’s (The Tactical Professor) 2 hour blocks very closely and training with Lynn Givens (Rangemaster) in her 2 hour block as Angela is a “forever student” as well. At the end of the day one lucky lady will win a VP9 or a VP9SK! Thank you HK, Bill and Angela for all you do for us! 

The Mingle offers several different sponsorship levels but honestly, I think that our sponsors donate because they believe in networking and continuing education. The TAGS, shout outs, thank yous and mentions are all a plus but they are happy to be a part of a growing community of ladies that are training for fun, for self defense, for hunting, for competition, etc.

Below are all the good people that we are partnered with for “The Mingle” 2019! WE ARE HUMBLED to say the least! And do you know what the best part is? The sponsors listed here are only “to date”. If this year is anything like the last two years then we will have a few more people/companies jump on the bandwagon!  We are ALWAYS in need of monetary, door prize and SWAG bag sponsors….INTERESTED?? Get with me!

The Complete Combatant                                                                                                       Heckler & Koch
Polite Society Podcast                                         Rangemaster                                                  GLOCK
KnifeKits/HolsterSmith                                                       Armed Citizen’s Legal Defense Network, Inc.
Tru-Spec                                                    PHLster                                   Active Self Protection


The Complete Combatant     HK     Polite Society Podcast     Gun Freedom Radio     Fusion MMA Silly Billy Goat Farm     The Pew Pew Jew     Liz Lazarus     Jenni BrownField of Mary Kay     Hiding Hilda     Tru-Spec     KSGA Armory     PHLster     Eye on the Target Radio     Cyndee’s     Rangemaster     USCCA        Mary Yungeberg     Incognito Wear IX     The Civilian Defender     RECOIL     Sabre Red     TUFF     Georgia Gun Club   A Girl and a Gun

Please make note that this event, and our Nationwide Training Giveaway, is an equal opportunity cause. What the means to us is that if you and/or your company is a 2nd Amendment supporter, want to help ladies build knowledge and support Racheal’s Rest in helping survivors of sexual abuse and/or acts of violence then we are VERY HAPPY to partner with you for our annual event. A sponsorship for this event is all about different, same, diverse, competitors, friends, local and non-local companies that are coming together to support our 2 causes. Our door prizes and SWAG bags may have items that gives ladies options. What might be good for some, is not good for others. The Complete Combatant is hosting this event so ladies in the firearms industry have opportunities and choices. We hope to have “all walks of life” come together to support The Mingle and our featured charity.

0009302_recoil-magazineThere is one more thing that I would like to address before I go….our MEDIA coverage! This years featured MEDIA is RECOIL! We are super excited to have Candice, an editor, who will be attending BOTH days. Candice will be training in Brian’s 2 hour block on Sunday and plans to interview, experience, train and enjoy “The Mingle” and all it has to offer.

Our pre & post event blogs, articles, interviews and mentions come from a wide array of sources. Please check them out as we are very proud to be noticed by such pillars in the community.

Check out Part 1: The Mingle 2019, Part 2: The Nationwide Training Giveaway and stay tuned for Part 4: Our Guest Speaker and Instructors.

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