There is a great need in the firearms community for a less than lethal…

62518613_623181558189330_5930875808825475072_nThere is a great need in the firearms community for a less than lethal option in dealing with personal protection challenges. Knowledgeable instructors in the area of “use of force” for both less than lethal and lethal options are rare. Chuck Haggard of Agile Training & Consulting is experienced in both areas and is one of the few subject matter experts in the industry on the use of Oleoresin Capsicum (pepper spray). OC is an aerosol weapon that is an irritant (tearing of the eyes and takes away vision, causes pain and inflammation, burns lungs and causes shortness of breath) that causes no long term damage, allowing this unique tool to be appropriate for almost everyone. Chuck has diverse experience in law enforcement, both as an instructor and on the street, martial artist, and presenter. Shelley and I invited Chuck to come to GA to teach his OC Instructor Certification Course hosted by The Complete Combatant. We sold out both days and had 24 graduates.

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Chuck teaches a class at the Rangemaster Tactical Conference (Tac Con) called “Between a Harsh Word and a Gun”. This class perfectly underlines what most armed citizens face…what are your force options between these two extremes? OC fits this niche well, offering a less lethal weapon that allows you “to poke someone in the eye LONG DISTANCE” thus giving you a chance to break contact with a minimum of force. Few understand how to use OC, much less are qualified to teach it. Thankfully Chuck offers a course to help instructors develop the competence to teach this subject.


Chuck’s OC Instructor Certification Course is roughly 10 hours and offers an in depth  lecture on OC’s history, manufacturing, pros & cons, the different aerosol sprays, their uses, and effects. Managing unknown contacts (known as MUC from Craig Douglas of SHIVWORKS) with the use of inert trainers allows the participants to get some practice in application and see the differences between the several OC delivery systems.


Chuck is knowledgeable, articulate, and engaging in his teachings. He obviously enjoys teaching and it shows through his attention to detail, the class prep time involved and his interaction with his clients. Purely my opinion, but all firearms and martial arts instructors would benefit greatly from taking this class. Personal protection is about options, and OC is a good less than lethal tool. Anyone would benefit from learning how to use pepper spray, and would likely make a great entry level class in personal protection. I recommend you take this OC Instructor course to become a more rounded instructor.