We hosted Dr. Sherman House of THE CIVILIAN DEFENDER

Hemorrhage Arrest Course with Dr. Sherman House of THE CIVILIAN DEFENDER
September 7, 2019

69995256_2386380154937855_6329189383639400448_nBrian: Medical training is arguably the most important training for everyone. Firearms are life saving emergency tools, for ourselves and others, but the chance of having to use a firearm is far less than having a medical emergency.

Sherman House teaches basic medical skills from his vast experience that can help you in an emergency situation. His course offers the skills of accessing and treating with a tourniquet, gauze, chest seal, and compression bandages. His open teaching style allows participants to ask questions, and receive an explanation that is easy to understand. Hands on training and scenarios give each person a chance to learn how to apply the techniques and tools for emergency first aid.

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Shelley: I have just celebrated my 32nd year in the medical field working in both the OR and non surgical private practice. As you would assume, I have a vast experience dealing with personalities and different learning approaches and I was very impressed with how Sherm was able to manage all the different levels of medical experience that his students brought to his class.

The morning was set in a “classroom” and the afternoon was “hands on”. The scenarios were fun, stressful, and really made people think about their actions AND reactions. In this 8 hour course he included visual, verbal, physical, and social learning styles which made it easy to learn and easy to retain. 

69641203_360296578259030_4558111983651520512_nThis self described style of MacGyver medicine prepares the average person to respond in a clear, and decisive manner when seconds matter! It’s a great class that could save a life and we plan to host Sherm again and again……….

Brian & Shelley