NANUK Professional Protective Cases


As a firearm instructor that spends a great deal of time traveling I need a rock solid case for my firearms, whether I am teaching or training. I usually bring several pistols for clients, and my personal gun with a backup or two, which usually means carrying at least two cases. A real hassle when traveling.

Our good friend at Active Self Protection, John Correia, recommended the Nanuk Professional Protective Cases highly. Nanuk was kind enough to give all the instructors at Active Self Protection’s National Conference a case for volunteering our time, thank you very much.


This cases is the 935 model that holds six pistols with 10 extra magazines. The case looks like a travel bag with extendable handle and wheels making it easy control with one hand. The thing that struck me was how solid the case felt, and the attention to detail is outstanding. Padlockable, stay open lid, waterproof, and powerclaw locking system made this case usable and reliable. The interior is well setup with PEF foam holding the pistols safely in place.The exterior dimensions are (L x W x H): 22.0″ x 14.0″ x 9.0″ which is very compact to carry so many pistols. You get the feeling that whoever designed this case wanted you to use it, and understood how to achieve a quality product. Nanuk obviously believes in their product because they offer a lifetime warranty.

I highly recommend this product, and the generous company that supported Active Self Protection’s worthwhile event. One warning, my wife liked it so much she had have one also (hers is the orange one), so be prepared to buy one for each shooter in the house.