The following courses of fire challenge the armed citizen to perform the most common technical skills from a concealed draw. A well-designed interlocking curriculum provides a platform for building and evaluating core skills, efficiency, effectiveness, and mental fortitude.

I use martial art belt ranks as the basis for the patch system. I have taught and developed this curriculum for four decades, and I have a deep understanding of the developmental process of athletes.

#1. The Bullseye course checks shot calling, dot tracking, and accuracy using an extended prep and press to work on hand stopping (95-5, 90-10, 80-20) vision cues (flash, floating, focused), and trigger speed (quickly, carefully, precisely).

#2. The Trifecta is a simple test to measure the shooter’s ability to adjust hand, trigger, and vision speed relative to the target size with maximum efficiency.

#3. Mixed Six is a basic course of fire with par times to teach different hand position that armed citizen may need to employ.

#4. The Core Four establishes a baseline for current level of skill in common shooting drills. It also provides a percentage rating for the belt test patch.

“Complete Combat Ant Rank Patches

First time clients attending our pistol courses will receive  a 2.5″ WHITE “Complete Combat Ant” rank  patch”!   Maybe you are starting your training journey with The Complete Combatant or maybe you have challenged yourself TO YOUR FIRST PROFESSIONAL FIREARMS CLASS…good for you!  We are very proud of you and this first step needs to be recognized! Accuracy standards, measuring progress and challenges are a BIG part of our classes.  

The BLUE Standards = passing the 4 scored drills (% or score) that gets more challenging as the rank advances. Blue, purple, brown and black Complete Combat Ant Rank  patches will be awarded after each standard has been met. Each 1 day class will have one or two of these drills. All 4 scored drills are usually offered for rank advancement in our 2 day classes or the Pistol Proficiency class.