Difficulty and misfortune are a part of life, and how we react to them shows the nature of our character. I have found that positive changes are the most difficult to get started, and negative are the easiest to start, but the hardest to stop. Training is always plagued with adversity, finding the time and the money, traveling, submitting to the discipline of learning, and lately Mother Nature. With all the reasons to miss training, the weather is the one we have the least control over in outdoor classes.

Mother nature in trees premonition video cover

The last 3 pistol classes I have taught, it has rained, all day long. One of the classes was 33 degrees and raining. That’s a good reason to stay inside, or to drop out of class. Now here is the surprising part, not one person missed class. In fact, one of our shooters heading to our annual Alumni Appreciation Day at our range in Dahlonega totaled his car on the way to class. Someone T-boned him, and while the car did not fare well, thankfully he was not injured. When the Sheriffs department finished the paper work, he told the deputy he was going to walk the 2 miles to class, and the deputy kindly gave him a ride to the range. My wife Shelley made sure he was ok and hydrated. He had also left his lunch in the wrecked car, so everyone pitched in to make sure he had food to eat. In the AAD class shoot off, everyone competes, including our coaches, and top shooter will win a beautiful knife from our friends at Two of the coaches had the top score by 1%, but decided to give the knife to top student, which just happened to be our car wreck shooter. These wonderful people had turned a bad day, into a special day for him, with selflessness and kindness.


Nothing will stop these fine men and women from training, and taking care of each other. Regular Janes and Joes, citizens, and no amount of adversity will stop them being self reliant and compassionate. The rain became the adversary, helping all of us to move beyond our discomfort, and forge our discipline. No one complained, and more importantly the shared adversity bonds a group of complete strangers together in to a community.

The next time difficulty or misfortune plagues you, remember to simply keep going, be courageous in the small things, take care of each other, and we will all benefit and grow together.

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